If you’ve been eyeing the Sony MDR1000X‘s but haven’t pulled the trigger yet because of that insane price tag, now is your chance to pick them up for cheap. Well, cheaper than usual. for who knows how long you can pick them up on Amazon for $102 less than they normally retail for which brings them in at just under $299.

When we reviewed these a few months back we not only came away impressed with how good they sounded, but also with how effective the active noise cancelling was. For the longest time Bose was the undisputed king of ANC, but for the first time in years they finally have competition thanks to Sony.

The MRD1000X’s also come with touch sensitive ear cups so you can control your music as well as LDAC support for high quality music streaming if you have a supported device (i.e a new-ish Sony phone or an Android phone running the newest version of 8.0 Oreo).

Make sure to act quick before the sale is over. You can get yours in either black or beige depending on your style.


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Sony MDR-1000x
The 40 mm high sensitivity driver with a frequency response up to 40kHZ delivers Hi-Res Audio playback, so you can hear every detail just like the artist intended.