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Samsung LEVELbox added to upcoming LEVEL line of audio products, vague release date announced

The Samsung LEVELbox has joined the previously earphone-only LEVEL line of audio products from Samsung, and a release date of mid-May has been teased.
April 28, 2014

On Thursday, we revealed that Samsung’s upcoming headphones had been renamed from SOUND to LEVEL, though no release date had been announced yet. Now another product is joining the party and the release date is said to be mid-May.

The Samsung LEVELbox, a Bluetooth speaker, is the newest addition to the line. At just 64.3 × 62.3 × 69.2 mm and 600 grams, it seems to be aiming for maximum portability. The speaker sports the same features you’d expect from any premium Bluetooth speaker: NFC, a 3.5mm audio in jack, and a mic for speakerphone functionality, including echo cancellation and noise reduction. It does, however, get more interesting.


The speaker is said to boast an impressive 15 hour battery life, and like its sister earphones, the LEVELbox is going to support S Voice functionality when paired with a Samsung phone. Samsung’s SoundAlive app, which appears to be Android only, will act as an equalizer and provide volume management, presumably to protect the hearing of headphone users. It isn’t yet clear whether this app will also work with the Samsung LEVELbox speaker.

Pricing has yet to be officially announced, but according to the sales guide image featured in our initial story, the prices are expected to be $349 for the LEVELover, $199 for the LEVELon, and $149 for the LEVELin. Unfortunately we don’t have an idea what the LEVELbox will cost, or the exact release date beyond “mid-May,” but stay tuned for more info.