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Samsung's new headphones renamed as Samsung LEVEL, still no release date

Samsung's upcoming premium headphones have been renamed Samsung LEVEL, but there is still no word on when they'll be available.
April 24, 2014

This time last month, we took a look at some new headphones on the way from Samsung. Though we knew the model numbers, pricing, and even what they looked like, apparently we didn’t know their actual names. Now we do and, well, hope you like all caps.

The headphones were originally titled SOUND, but now they’re somewhat confusingly called Samsung LEVEL. More specifically the three different models EO-IG900, EO-OG900 and EO-AG900 will be known as LEVELin, LEVELon and LEVELover, respectively. As we mentioned last month, the headphones are all on the pricier side and come in in-ear, on-ear and over-ear varieties, as indicated by their names.

The LEVELin, which will sell for $149, has the most bare-bones feature set of the three. The midrange LEVELon will sell for $199 and features 40mm drivers as well as NFC. The top of the line LEVELover will cost $349 and features 50mm drivers, NFC and aptX for improved sound quality over Bluetooth.

Even as we learn more details about these headphones, one crucial detail is still missing: the release date. Originally we thought that these headphones might launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5, but there is still no indication of when these will be available. We’ll keep you posted.

Are you interested in any of the Samsung LEVEL series of headphones, or would you rather go with a more audio-focused brand at this price?