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Rdio now streaming to a total of 60 countries

Rdio is expanding again, adding nine countries to its lineup and bringing the total to 60 countries over six continents.
May 20, 2014

Chances are fairly good that if you’re a music lover (and really, who isn’t?) you’ve heard of Rdio. They’re one of the major players in the streaming music biz these days and it seems that they’re poised to get even bigger with the addition of nine new countries to the list of countries in which the service is available.

The new additions are Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia in Europe, and Indonesia, Phillipines, Singapore and Thailand in Asia. Sound worthy of celebrating? Rdio thinks so, and to celebrate they’ve created a new playlist dubbed “60 Countries 60 Streams.”

In honor of our newest milestone, we’ve made a playlist of music from all the countries you can find Rdio. From Argentina’s Soda Stereo to Venezuela’s La Vida Boheme, uncover 60 tracks that are either current toppers, unforgettable classics, hometown anthems or just office favorites.

The playlist has a little something for everyone, so check it out and join the newly-added countries in celebrating even more access to new music.