I bought a battery powered mixer and I plugged an Avantree Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver 2-in-1 to the Main out. I paired it with Sony’s XB7 via Bluetooth.

The problem is that there was a very noticeable delay whenever we spoke into the mic.

That, coupled with my need for battery powered speakers, caused me to return the XB7.

Could I have done something different to connect from my mixer to the speaker wirelessly?

Can anything be done to reduce bluetooth latency?

Is there any transmitter to connect a mixer to a speaker wirelessly that’s not via bluetooth? (I’m thinking something like a microphone transmitter)


Note1: I did this test outside of an event and it worked: I bought a 2nd Avantree Bluetooth and used it as a Receiver. Then I plugged it into a regular speaker (no longer the XB7) and it worked without any delays.

Note2: In case you’re wondering: I need to use the mixer. I kind of create 2 zones with it. One zone is the speakers connected to the Main Out and the second zone is the speaker(s) connected to the Aux Out. I do this so that I can speak into the mic to either group separately or both at the same time simply by controlling volume of Main/Aux in the Mic Input.

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