Just starting out my journey to learn what i really like before shelling out 200+ for a pair of cans. I own some amps and dacs and few IEM´s, but i feel drawn to switch to over ear headphones for casual listening at home.

Can you help me out with the cheapest options to help me understand what i really enjoy and want?(open and closed, bass/flat/, i have found imaging and a larger soundstage appeal to me)

I understand time is precious but any help would be very very appreciated!!!!


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Hi Mars,

Thanks for visiting our site. I completely feel your pain; $200+ to shell out for anything—headphones included—is anything but chump change. If a greater sense of spatial awareness appeals to you, you’ll likely enjoy the Sennheiser HD 598 CS. These are a great set of cans but are a tad pricey at ~$150.

To dip your toes into the world of studio headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x sell for $99. If you’re really trying to scrape by the Monoprice 8323 are a fabulous value for $25.

If none of this resonates with you, our best lists should be of great help.

I hope that this helps, happy listening!

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