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I ride a Harley with an open face helmet.  Best practice is to wear ear plugs to avoid hearing damage from wind noise but I want to listen to music.

I have been searching online for a solution and so far no manufacture can give me an official rating for the hearing protection..they say “many customers use our headphone for motorcycle riding”

Ideally I would like to have a set of headphones that block out noise, so I can listen to music at low volume.

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That’s a tricky one, because those ratings don’t tell you the whole story. They may block sound at 1kHz by a certain level, but let everything else in unimpeded.

I usually recommend Comply memory foam eartips for people in your situation, but it’s possible you need something more heavy-duty like an Etymotic ER3XR with the christmas tree-looking ear tips.

I haven’t taken a bike like yours for a spin in years, so I’m not sure how well this will work.

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