Hi all,

Read a lot of reviews here, but looking for a few recommendations. I’m looking for a a decent pair of headphones for work / home, and have a few sensitivities I’m working around so thought I’d get some advice.

  • Wired
  • No noise cancelling (I’ve owned both the QC25 and QC35 II and the noise cancelling I find more bothersome than a benefit)
  • Over ear, I wear glasses and I find most on-ear headphones like the Grado Labs SR80 pinch my glasses against my head

I’m coming off using the Apple Airpods for the last month, and while I found them convenient enough, the sound quality was really sub-par compared to my Bose Soundsport and found myself getting really bad headaches from listening to music / podcasts / phone calls with them (it seems others have had this issue too).

I was considering the Sony MDR-1A and the Beoplay H6 (second generation), both of which I can find for around $150-200, but wondering if there are other options I should think about.

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Hi Matt,

You listed two solid options. If I may, a third contender should be the Sennhesier HD 598 CS. These headphones adroitly handle the reproduction of 3-D space and sound excellent. The signature isn’t completely neutral, but there’s not one aspect of the sound signature that completely masks or degrades the other. I also wear glasses and am constantly on the lookout for comfortable headphones. For me, these fit the bill.

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