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Pre-order your limited edition Iron Man Bluetooth speaker

Fans of Tony Stark will be happy to know that this limited edition Bluetooth speaker is also a replica of Iron Man's helmet.
April 27, 2015

If you’re a fan of Tony Stark (or want to feel like a super villain) check out this new Bluetooth speaker that’s in the shape of his head. Seriously, it’s a perfect 1:1 replica of Tony Stark’s helmet. Nothing says technologically savvy like Iron Man, so even though you won’t be able to speak to Jarvis you can at least stream your favorite tunes through it.

As novelty as this product may seem it still appears to be a decent speaker, at least on paper. The helmet connects to a source device via Bluetooth and has two speakers: a 40mm speaker and a 82mm woofer. The woofer has a dedicated frequency range of 40Hz – 150Hz, while the 40mm speaker deals with the 150Hz – 20kHz range. If you don’t use Bluetooth capable devices, you can also play music via the included 3.5mm aux cord or through a USB flash drive that has your music on it, assuming the files are in MP3 format.

Sure it can play music, but so can everything else these days. The coolest feature to me has to be the glowing eyes that make it seem like Iron Man is staring at you from the bedside table. Maybe it’s the nerd in me but it’s kind of awesome if not a little creepy. That said, this is a limited edition collectible which means that it comes with a limited edition price tag.

The Iron Man Mark XLIII Bluetooth speaker will cost you $449, which is a probably out of your Bluetooth speaker budget unless you’re an avid Marvel collector (or Tony Stark himself). If you have the money to blow and decide to pre-order now you can expect your limited edition Iron Man head/speaker to arrive on your doorstep sometime towards the end of May.