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Pocket Partying with LEDs at a small form factor

What's a party without music? The Pocket Party proposes to be the ultimate speaker with an expandable and pocket-able design with music-sync'd LEDs.
November 17, 2015

What’s a party without music? Music is the lifeblood of a party, but a party is made infinitely more enjoyable with a few fun colors. The Pocket Party from 7×24 Technologies proposes to be the ultimate speaker with an expandable and pocketable design with LEDs that sync to the music.

It’s a pretty simple premise: you get a pretty tiny Bluetooth speaker with some nice looking lights with the added bonus of music synchronization.

As far as audio goes, the speaker features bass-enhanced drivers for better sound projection. However, the design becomes even more ingenious with the expandable design. This allows the air space to be used to facilitate better bass. The speaker also features a Vibration Mode that allows the speaker to physically vibrate a surface — say a pizza box —  to turn that surface into a subwoofer.

Because of its small form factor, the pocket-ability obviously allows the speaker fit in your average pocket, but with an integrated key ring, it can be attached to pretty much anything from a bicycle handle to a tent loop. Wherever you may store it, you can’t argue that it is extremely versatile with a built-in suction cup that can be mounted on smooth, flat surfaces.


This versatility is increased even more with a durable design with splash and drop proofing. The speaker features IPX4 splash-proofing and the rubber rim facilitates splash-proofing and drop-proofing at around 6 feet.

The lights aren’t just limited to music. There are four modes to better fit more use cases. Beats and Party can be used to better the party atmosphere. Mood light may add a more tranquil environment, and Lamp mode may be yet another reason to take this tiny speaker everywhere you go, especially when camping or looking for your keys.

The companion app allows the lights to be controlled via a smart device as well. Although you may manually cycle through the modes via a hardware button, you can just as easily tap on your trust glass rectangle to do the same. The internal battery lives for 6 hours before recharging to full within 2 hours.

The Pocket Party is available in four different colors to better fit your preferences. At $25 for the Early Bird special, it’s hard to resist with such versatility. Even at $34 or $39 for the Indiegogo special and the MSRP are pretty great deals nonetheless. At $59, you get two bundled together for a stereo sound experience via a Micro-USB to Micro-USB connection.

For more information, the IndieGoGo page will be accepting backing for the next 23 days.