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Logitech UE Boom on sale for $139 today only

Today only, get the Logitech UE Boom in black or red for 30% off.
March 10, 2015

One Bluetooth speaker that everyone seems to love is the Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth speaker. Though we weren’t that impressed, they do have 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon so they have to be doing something right. It is hands down a unique looking speaker with some pretty cool features but there are definitely better options for $200, but what about if it was cheaper? Today only the UE Boom can be had for 30% off of regular retail price making it only $139.

The speaker comes in a bunch of different colors but only the black or red options have the discounted price. The first thing you notice about the UE Boom is the shape. It is completely cylindrical which allows it to play sound in 360 degrees so everyone can get a piece of the action. It’s most stand-out feature besides the shape has to be the fact that it is also water-resistant, so if you need to bring it with you to the beach or the pool you don’t have to worry. It comes with a built-in microphone and can be connected through the free Boom app to a second UE Boom in order to get stereo sound. It connects via Bluetooth with a range of up to 50 feet but also has an auxiliary input just in case your music device of choice isn’t Bluetooth capable. If you feel like hanging it up somewhere it also has a D-ring on one end just for that occasion.

If you want one make sure to grab yours soon since at the time of this post there is only about 12 hours of the sale left and make sure to check out the full review. With warmer weather on the way, this could be a nice congratulatory gift to yourself for surviving the winter.