Wireless headphones and earbuds are becoming more popular now that a few smartphones have ditched the traditional headphone jack. One of the leaders in portable sound, Jabra, currently has a big discount on its Sport Pace Wireless earbuds. You can grab them now at TechRabbit for $59.99, well below its normal $99.99 price tag.

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For fitness fanatics, these earbuds have been designed connect to Jabra’s Sport Life app. This allows those users to plan and monitor their fitness routines.  The cord of the Sport Pace Wireless is also reflective so you can make a quick late-night run and have yourself more visible to cars.

There are also some inline controls for phones who want to take calls and change the volume of their phone without actually touching the device. Finally, they offer up to 60 minutes of play time if you charge them for just 15 minutes, meaning you won’t need to be sitting down and waiting for an hour or more to get going on your workout.

Again, this deal is available at TechRabbit but there’s no word on how long this sale will last. Will you be checking out this deal on some high-quality wireless earbuds?

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