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Jabra Rox Bluetooth earbuds out today

The much anticipated Jabra Rox wireless earbuds — a hit at this year's CES — are officially on sale, starting today.
March 20, 2014

Many a fan of wireless audio has been anxiously awaiting the Jabra Rox wireless earbuds since they were announced back in November of 2013. They had a ton of people excited at this year’s CES, and now they are finally available for purchase at a price of $129.95.

These unique-looking headphones offer a slew of cool features like Bluetooth 4.0, Dolby Digital Plus sound, and NFC pairing. Not only that, but they are IP52 rated for protection against dirt and water. For anybody who takes their earbuds everywhere, that’s a major plus.

The Jabra Rox offer up to 5.5 hours of battery life, as well as a unique method of stretching the battery life throughout the day. Inside the earbuds are a pair of magnets; when you’re not using them, just allow them to clip together around your neck and the power saving mode is automatically activated.

Jabra Rox - Black - Accessories

Now about that Dolby Digital Plus sound we mentioned earlier. As with any other pair of earbuds, you’ll be able to play music from your choice of player, but the Jabra Rox offer another option. Download the Jabra Sound app (which comes free with the purchase of the earbuds) and you can now play music and YouTube videos with high definition sound. We haven’t heard this ourselves yet, but it seems like an interesting idea.

Right now you can only find them in Apple stores and at, but we imagine they’ll be available elsewhere later on. For more information on the Jabra Rox, check out the video overview they released a few months ago:

Are you planning on picking up the Jabra Rox? What do you think about using Dolby Digital Plus sound in earbuds?