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Ingress edition Sennheiser Momentums on sale

Are you a member of the Enlightened or the Resistance? Get the Ingress special edition Sennheiser Momentums on-ear headphones for $50.00 off.
January 27, 2015

Back in 2012 a new mobile game was announced that was destined to be a big deal. It was called Ingress and was an augmented reality game which aimed to draw people out into the real world in order to play it. It began as a closed beta on Android devices and since then has grown in popularity to include other platforms such as iOS and Windows. Sennheiser took notice of the growing popularity and has made special edition Momentum on-ear Ingress headphones with color schemes matching the two teams, or factions, of the game.

The game is fairly unique in that you do not need to constantly be looking at the screen of your mobile device in order to play. It is meant to bring you out into your local city to search for portals and, if played often enough, the sounds of the game are clues as to what is going on and how you are doing. The black and green color option is named after one of the factions called the Enlightened, while the black and blue color scheme is named after the Resistance. Since the game is played on your phone, the 3.5 mm plug was specially designed to be used with mobile devices. In the Sennheiser promo video about the headphones one of the players says, “The more you can hear, the better you can play.” This is true for most games but is particularly true with Ingress as you will most likely be playing it out in the noise of the world.

Normally $199.99, these special edition Sennheiser Momentum headphones are currently on sale for $149.99. So if you’re already a member of the Enlightened or the Resistance (or just a fan of the new color accents), make sure pick up your special edition headphones before the sale ends.