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HTC and Harman Kardon collab for new Bluetooth speaker

At the announcement of the HTC One M9, a second device was announced called the Harman Kardon One. The speaker to match the phone.
March 2, 2015
If you’ve been following Mobile World Congress this year, you might have heard of the new HTC One M9 cell phone being released. What slipped slightly under the radar was the new Bluetooth speaker that HTC has coming out in another collaboration with major audio company Harman Kardon.

The speaker, aptly named the Harman Kardon One, is the second time that the company has designed a product with HTC. The One speaker comes with 40 mm drivers, NFC pairing, and a 5 hour battery life. The metal design comes to us courtesy of HTC and is an extension of the same premium build quality we’re used to in their One-series phones. The speaker is also seamlessly compatible with the three-finger swipe gesture that HTC has in their devices which will automatically connect the two. Another three-finger swipe downwards ends the connection. It also comes with a built-in microphone and echo-canceling speakerphone for clearer conference calls.

Although the 5 hour battery life might be a deal breaker for some, the build quality of the speaker definitely makes it a cool mobile accessory especially since it will be available in a limited release bundle with the HTC One M9. The Harman Kardon One will be available at the end of March and the suggested retail price is £129, or $200.