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Geek Wave aims to put audiophile-grade sound in your pocket

An iPod isn't going to do a good pair of headphones justice, but the upcoming Geek Wave audio player might just do the trick.
June 27, 2014

As someone who spends a lot of time testing headphones, I often find myself lamenting the fact that as high as the quality of the headphones might be, my device of choice isn’t making the most of it. Sure, I’ve got a headphone amp to plug into at my computer, but that means I’m stuck in my office. What if there was a way to bring high-res audio with you, wherever you go? That is, one that didn’t mean shackling yourself to a lot of unnecessary limitations — looking at you, Pono.

Well now that is going to become a reality, thanks to the Geek Wave. According to the slogan on their Indiegogo campaign: “It’s Not a Next-gen iPod. It’s a No-compromise Portable Music Player.” Unlike previous similar attempts (again, looking at you, Pono) the Geek Wave will still play your old-fashioned MP3s, but also allows you to play native DSD128 audio as well. DSD128 might not be a household name yet, but it sounds a lot better than MP3.


If you’re just looking to pick yourself up the base model, backing the project for $167 USD gets you the Geek Wave 32, though paying extra gets you upgrades to the base unit. $38 USD gets you an upgrade that allows you to use the Geek Wave as a standalone DAC for use with a computer, music server or other USB-equipped devices, while $67 USD adds a Zero Transmission Jitter WiFi streaming upgrade, allowing you to stream music from any source on your local network. For a list of all the available options, hit up the campaign on Indiegogo.

The campaign initially had a goal of $38,000 which it met and quickly exceeded: the total raised is $516,456 at the time of this writing. If the campaign reaches its final stretch goal of $555,555, the Geek Wave X 128 & XD 128 will both be upgraded to a T2021 aluminum build, and with 16 days left in the campaign, that’s looking fairly likely.

Would you like to see us review the Geek Wave? Let us know and we’ll try to get our hands on one!