What we want to see from AirPods 3

What do you want to see from the new AirPods? We have a few suggestions for Apple.
by Lily Katz5 days ago

What is a soundcard?

PC builders start here for audio answers.
by Christian Thomas5 days ago

How to start streaming

Interested in starting a live streaming career? Here's what you need to start out.
by Sam Moore4 weeks ago

What type of microphone do I need?

Whether you're a podcast host or musician, different microphone types bode well for different use cases. Let's figure you what's best for you!
by Lily Katz4 weeks ago

How to record outside

The mountains are calling.
by Adam Molina4 weeks ago

How to get the most out of your gaming headset mic

Does you gaming headset's mic not sound as good as it could? Here are somethings you can try.
by Sam MooreSeptember 19, 2019

How to connect your gaming headset

Getting a gaming headset to work should be simple, but sometimes it isn't. Here's how to do it.
by Sam MooreSeptember 19, 2019

How to solve common recording problems

Record it right or record it twice.
by Lily KatzSeptember 10, 2019

LG Tone Flex XL7 review

Flex your style.


Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 review

High-quality wireless streaming for all.


How to edit your voice

So you've recorded yourself, now what?
by Christian ThomasSeptember 9, 2019

Best audio products at IFA 2019

All the best audio gear to come out of IFA 2019 in Berlin
by Adam MolinaSeptember 7, 2019
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