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Denon announces their third pair of headphones in the AH-D7200

Sound & Comfort
December 22, 2016

Denon isn’t a name that usually comes up when discussing headphones. That’s not because they don’t make quality headphones, it’s because they only have two of them. Now that’s changed with the new AH-D7200 reference headphones that should satisfy even the “most demanding audiophiles”. These are the third and most premium pair of over-ear cans that the company offers and if they live up to the claims, should sound great.

Everything from the drivers to the headband of the AH-D7200 was designed to minimize distortion. Inside the two wooden earcups are Denon’s custom 50mm Japanese-made FreeEdge drivers that are made with nano-fiber materials that will give the cleanest sound possible. The included audio cable is 3m in length and plugs into the bottom of each earcup. Inside you’ll find pure 7N oxygen-free copper wiring (99.99999% pure to be exact) that transfers the audio signal from the source device to your ears with minimal loss in quality.

Of course, none of this comes cheap. The AD-D7200 will run you about $999 assuming that they are as good as Denon claims they are. To be fair, they seem to have focused all of their efforts on making sure that these have top notch sound quality. You won’t even find a control module for smartphone music playback, so they’re probably expecting you to have the right kind of equipment to actually enjoy these.

  • Custom 50mm FreeEdge drivers
  • 100% real Walnut wood
  • Wrapped in Sheepskin leather
  • 7N oxygen-free copper cable (99.99999%)

The other half of the development process seems to have gone into comfort. The wooden earcups do make the headphones fairly heavy at 385g, but Denon says that they suspended them from the aluminum headband so that you can use them for those long listening sessions without them getting uncomfortable. The aluminum is also wrapped in sheepskin leather so they’ll sit pretty on any sized head.

If you’re not too broke from the holidays and feel like treating yourself to a pair of Denon’s best, you can grab a pair from their site. Keep an eye out for a full review coming soon!