If you’re looking for a set of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, you may want to give the Sony H.ear On Wireless NC a try. While their sticker price is a little steep at ~$300, you can now find them at BuyDig.com for $179.99.

Available in charcoal black and viridian blue, this deal is a very smart pick for anyone looking for wireless ANC cans. They’re not perfect, but at this price they’re bargain compared to the Bose QC35 and other competitors. If you have a Sony phone, you can also take advantage of the company’s proprietary high-fidelity streaming options. For more on the H.ear On Wireless, check out our full review:

While there aren’t all that many stellar wireless ANC headphones out there, you may also find a better deal on something you’d like by perusing our reviews. Still, this is a great pickup for the right kind of buyer.