With more and more smartphone companies doing away with the faithful 3.5mm headphone jack, now is probably the time to start keeping an eye out for some decent Bluetooth headphones. The Samsung Level U Pro wireless headphones are currently on sale on Amazon for an impressive 65 percent off the normal purchase price of $99. That makes these a steal at just $34.99.

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To get them at this price you’ll be stuck with the black color option, but if you want to spend a little more to add some additional flair to your ‘phones, you can get the purple version for $54.72 and the bronze version for $58.99. The snazzy blue pair are the most expensive at $70.99 but fashion never comes cheap now does it?

Ultra High-Quality (UHQ) Audio means the Samsung Level U Pro headphones deliver 24-bit digital audio, with double the frequency range of standard CD-quality wireless audio (when paired with supported Galaxy phones). The neckband-style in-ear buds have 13mm drivers and dual microphones, with small magnets to stop the buds from flapping around when they’re not in your ears. They sport a nine hour battery life and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

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