At CES 2017, LG took the wraps off the Tone Studio, a wearable Bluetooth personal speaker. The device officially went on sale in March for around $229.99. Now, only two months after its release, the speaker has received a massive discount. Well, at least on Amazon. The retailer is currently selling the device for exactly $156.93, which is around $73 off its regular price.

The LG Tone Studio is best described as a wireless around-the-neck audio product. It features four speakers, two on top and two below the device, which vibrate against your collarbone. If listening to loud music coming out of your neck when you’re in public isn’t really your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that the device also features in-ear headphones. This means you can enjoy listening to music without bothering other people around you.

If you’re listening to music with the help of the speakers, the battery will last you up to six hours. If you using headphones, the device will keep you entertained for up to 35 hours before it runs out of juice. One more thing worth mentioning regarding the Tone Studio is that you can connect two of them together, which will then play the same song simultaneously.

If you’re interested in getting the LG Tone Studio, visit Amazon’s website by clicking the button below.

We don’t know if this is a permanent price cut or if it will be available for just a short period of time. In case you’re interested in the deal, you should probably place your order sooner rather than later.

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