Musicians and audiophiles alike have long prized the ultra-flat frequency response of the AKG K701/702, and the headphones have earned their keep with the most demanding customers. In a deal between AKG and Massdrop, the popular discount site is offering a Massdrop-branded version of the legendary cans for $199.99 ($450 off the $649.99 sticker price).

A photo of a person wearing the AKG K7XX headphones in an alleyway.

Massdrop Despite how cool he looks, definitely don’t wear these on a noisy street.

There are two versions available: an all-black model, and black with red trim. These over-sized over-ear headphones use memory foam padding, with a suspended band design to distribute weight over as large an area as possible. Just keep in mind they are open-backed headphones, so these are best for a home listening environment. If you have any more questions, you might find answers in the product’s FAQ page. At 62Ω, you may or may not want to pick up an amplifier—though these headphones should work fine without.

If you’re interested, definitely check out this deal. While the original headphones this model is based on has fallen to about the same price on Amazon, they use updated drivers that are a little more crowd-pleasing than the originals.

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