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Crazybaby has a Kickstarter for their new speaker the Luna

A new Kickstarter by crazybaby introduces their new speaker dubbed the Luna.
March 20, 2016
Crazybaby Lunanews

After the insane success of the Mars levitating speaker, audio company crazybaby decided to give it another go with a new Kickstarter for a speaker called the Luna. It’s way more portable than the Mars levitating speaker and also has less of a “wow” factor, but it still shows promise thanks to a number of other features crazybaby baked in.

The Luna is made of brushed aluminum so not only does it have a premium feel in the hand, it’s also lightweight and durable. It’s in the shape of a small ball which allows it to project sound in 360 degrees so you can feel like you’re right in front of the speaker regardless of where you’re standing. In the middle of the speaker is a small tweeter surrounded by a ring light. The entire thing is called the “eye” and thanks to its smart electric telescopic system, it comes out of the body when powered on. You can choose from thousands of different colors to match your mood or decor by using the free app that also lets you change the EQ settings of the speaker.

The Luna looks like a better designed Death Star that plays music.

Crazybaby wants the Luna to be more than just your average Bluetooth speaker. Besides Bluetooth 4.0, it’s also a wifi speaker so you can play music via Airplay or sync up to 32 Luna’s together over your wireless network. As far as sound goes, the Luna has a full range speaker driver along with a dedicated independent tweeter for detailed highs. You can stream music from basically every streaming service and if you have two, you can connect them for stereo sound.

If you’re looking for a speaker that’ll last you a few days of streaming, this probably won’t be the one for you. Crazybaby claims a battery life of about 8 hours, which is fairly average for a Bluetooth speaker. The method of charging is also taking a step into the future, leaving micro-USB behind in favor of the newer USB Type-C charging port. The Luna even comes with a custom cable made by crazybaby.

If you’re interested the Luna is already funded almost 70% to goal and there’s still 34 days to go at the time of this posting. You can get a single speaker starting at $129 or go all the way up to multiple speakers of every color. Crazybaby expects to begin shipping to backers in October of 2016.