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Check out the new Sonos Controller app [Video]

In a new video released on its YouTube channel, Sonos shows off the new look and new features of its Sonos Controller app.
May 7, 2014

Back in April, Sonos announced that new changes to their systems would make it simpler for users to set up and control their home audio systems. We’re all for that, but we like new, cool features too. A new video, released on the official Sonos YouTube channel yesterday (and viewable above) shows off new features coming to its Sonos Controller app.

While the company hasn’t announced when this will be available to everyone, it still looks pretty cool. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and while you can download the old version now, all the new cool stuff is currently in beta.

Between this and the easier setup (also still in beta) it looks like there has never been a better time to own a Sonos system. Or at least, there is about to have never been a better time to… you know what, forget it. We’ll let you know when the updated Sonos Controller app is available for all. Stay tuned!