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Best Speakers for Shower

We’ve all done it. Singing in the shower has been around since before showers were invented (don’t fact check that). The acoustics in bathrooms does something to your voice that turns everyone into Christina Aguilera. But playing music off your phone usually isn’t good enough once you get the shower going. Your quest for the best shower speakers brought you here. There’s two ways you can go about shower speakers. You can either have the speaker with you in the shower, or just keep it somewhere in the bathroom. However you want to go about it, this list has you covered. These are the best speakers for the budding superstars.

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UE Roll 2

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When it comes to the best all-around shower speaker, you can’t go wrong with the UE Roll 2. The first version is also a solid choice here but the Roll 2 has way more range at about 100 feet. Normally that isn’t such a big deal, but if you don’t like to take your phone with you into the bathroom then that extra connection comes in handy. The UE Roll 2 is perfect of bringing into the shower for a few different reasons. For one, it has an IPX7 waterproof rating which means you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged if it falls into the water or gets sprayed with it. To take it a step further it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes so baths can be just as musical as showers. There’s also the large “+” and “-“ signs on the front which, as you might expect, controls the volume. Handy if your source device isn’t waterproof or is located in another room. On the back you’ll find a small bungee cord perfect for hanging it from the shower head. Pumping out sound is a single 2” driver and dual 3/4” tweeters. Inside is a battery that should give you about 9 hours of playback which, if you intend to use it purely for showers, should last a long time before it needs a charge. Since the Roll is made by Ultimate Ears, you can also get some more functionality out of the free app. Using the app, you can pair a second UE speaker for true stereo sound. That’s not exactly a helpful feature for the shower (unless you have a giant bathroom), but it’s a great feature for parties. The fabric that surrounds the UE Roll 2 is waterproof, but also the perfect canvas which is something UE figured out early on. Not only can you get the UE Roll in a number of different colors, but there are also a good amount of limited edition versions designed by various artists. The UE Roll 2 costs less than $100 but you definitely get your moneys worth.

JBL Charge 3

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So what if you want the best sound you can get? In that case you’ll have to go with the JBL Charge 3. Granted this is one of the best speakers you can get period, but thats what makes it so great for the bathroom. Everything good about this speaker gets amplified in the shower, especially the sound. Like most of JBLs new Bluetooth speakers, the Charge 3 is covered in a waterproof fabric that gives it an IPX7 waterproof rating. That means you can completely submerge it in the bath with you if you want, though Im not sure why you would. Just like the Life Jacket 2 from earlier, the Charge 3 also has a USB output to charge your devices (hence the name). Doing so will deplete the battery a little quicker but don’t worry, 20 hours is more than enough. Losing 2 or 3 to quickly charge your phone wont be an issue. The Charge 3 shares the exposed passive bass radiators on either end that the Xtreme and Flip 3 have. This adds a powerful low end to an already impressive sound. But this speaker isn’t only a great pick because of the sound quality, but also because it has a small stand incorporated into the design. It may not stick on the wall of your shower, but you can easily put it on any flat surface in your bathroom for a room filling sound.

Libratone ONE CLICK

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One speaker that works surprisingly well in the bathroom is the Libratone ONE CLICK. It has a pretty unique paperback book shape that lets it pump out sound in 360-degrees. But what really makes it work in the shower are the two interchangeable accessories that it comes with. The ONE CLICK has a removable covering that keeps the speaker protected from splashes, but it also has five holes around the edges that you can attach the accessories to. It comes with a small hook and a larger lunchbox-like handle, both made of rubber. You can then attach whichever one you want in any orientation you choose, allowing for a few different possibilities. Whether you’re hanging it on a nail in the wall or the shower head it shouldn’t be a problem thanks to these accessories. A built in battery provides you with about 12 hours of battery life which is enough to last a full day at the beach let alone a shower. On the front is a touch sensitive pad that keeps the speaker basically button-free (save for the power button on the back). Unfortunately you cant skip between tracks, but you can pause/play music by tapping the touch pad. You can also raise or lower the volume by tracing the outside of the circle, which works with dry or wet hands. The ONE CLICK comes in four different colors: black, red, teal, or gray. All of which are perfect to go with you wherever the day takes you after a shower.

Anker SoundCore Sport

If you want something thats a little smaller but an equally good value, check out the SoundCore Sport by Anker. Anker has a habit of making great bang for your buck products and this little speaker is a prime example. This little speaker has an IPX7 rating making it submersible in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes. But you don’t have to worry too much if you drop it in the bathtub because it also floats. It also has a small carrying strong that makes it great for hanging it if you prefer. Somewhere in this small body is a battery that should give you a solid 10 goes off battery life as well. On top of the SoundCore Sport are for buttons that give you a surprising amount of functionality. You’ll find the standard power and volume buttons like on most other speakers, but then you also have a multi-function button with a misleading Bluetooth pairing symbol on it. Holding it down will enter pairing mode, but then you can also pause or part music by tapping it once and skip to the next song with a quick double tap. If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive speaker to sing along with, this one might be for you.

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Soundbot SB510

SoundBot SB510 The UE Roll is a great waterproof speaker in general, but if you literally want a speaker to just stick on your bathroom wall then the SoundBot might be for you. At only around $11, it’s a solid little speaker that even has a few features missing from the UE Roll. The first thing you’ll notice about the SoundBot is its odd shape. It’s a simple Bluetooth speaker up top, but a giant suction cup on the bottom. Just stick it to the wall of your shower and you’re good to go. It almost looks like some sort of all-rubber sea creature. On top of the bulb-ish design you’ll find five buttons that control playback. The center button will let you pause or play music while the button on top of that powers the speaker on and off. To the left and the right are buttons that let you skip tracks as well as control volume. If you find yourself wanting to skip a song at least you won’t have to reach for your phone. Simply press the button right in the shower. Another handy feature that the SoundBot has a dedicated button and built-in mic for answering and ending phone calls. It’s good enough to pick up and tell someone that you’ll call them back, but you might not want to have full blown conversations through it. Who wants to be bothered with phone calls in the shower anyway? The SoundBot uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your devices but for the price, it’s hard to expect more. Packed inside is a rechargeable battery that should get you about 6 hours of constant playback, though we doubt you’ll need it.

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