In a world filled with bluetooth speakers of all shapes and sizes, the only way to stand out is to look like you are not of this world. One such device is made by a company called Crazybaby that has already funded its project through an Indiegogo campaign that is set to close on January 31st, 2015.


The Mars bluetooth speaker is aptly named as it uses Graviton Levitation Technology to look like a classic UFO (the Mars Craft) floating over it’s own sub-woofer (the Mars base). It sounds like something out of Star Trek and looks like it too. Besides the fact that it literally hovers 1.2 inches above its base, there are a lot of cool things to like about this speaker. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and something they call proximity volume, the speaker will adjust the volume of the audio depending on how far the connected device is. Crazybaby claims 8 hours of continuous playback and has automatic wireless charging when the craft is docked on the base. As far as audio goes the Mars craft uses a custom dynamic driver, which when paired together with the ceramic motor woofer in the Mars Base, combine to give a range of 50Hz – 20kHz.

This seems to be a pretty good Bluetooth speaker with a killer design. Some of its features are not just for show, they are applicable to real-world situations. Like so many other products coming out this year, Crazybaby expects to begin deliveries in April of 2015. They will retail at $249 USD but pre-orders are available now for $189.

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