Who says that major technology companies like Google are the only ones allowed to enjoy a good prank? Audio companies can get in on the fun too. April 1st technically isn’t until tomorrow, but most people have weekends off meaning that you’re getting everything a day early. We’re going to try and keep up with all of our favorite jokes from starting with this really convincing new pair of headphones from Master & Dynamic.

Master & Dynamic MH40C1

Fans of Master & Dynamic’s industrial design rejoice, because it doesn’t get more industrial than concrete. The company is “releasing” a concrete version of their popular MH40 headphones which are super lightweight for easy travel, weighing in at only 10.6 pounds. They ditched the leather and metal for a solid pair of cans that are as durable as a city street. Founder & CEO Jonathan Levine said in a press release, “Master & Dynamic has consistently chosen the road less traveled. As of today, that road is paved with concrete.” The MH40C1 aren’t available now for $399, and you can’t get them at the Master & Dynamic website.

Google Smart Gnome

So this technically isn’t from an audio company, but it’s kind of an audio product. Google took their popular Google Home speaker and made it – a garden gnome? You’ll get all of the usual perks out of the typical Google Home speaker along with a few added bonus features like windspeed.  “Ok Gnome, turn on the hose I’m holding.”

We’ll keep updating this list as they come out!

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