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Beats takes its earbuds wireless for the first time with Powerbeats2

While Beats has released earbuds before, the company's new Powerbeats2 are its first pair of wireless earbuds.
June 12, 2014

With the recent announcement of Beats’ aquisition by Apple, rumors were rampant that this would be an “acqui-hire” and that Beats as a brand would cease to exist. It appears these rumors were unfounded, at least if the rate the at which the company continues to release new products is any indication. Its latest new release, the Powerbeats2, represent the first time the company has dabbled in wireless earbuds.

While Beats is more well known for its over-ear headphones, the company has released earbuds (including this pair’s immediate predecessor, the numberless Powerbeats) before, they just haven’t been wireless, or very well recognized for that matter. If the company has anything to say about it, the Powerbeats2 may change that. A six hour battery life is roughly average for wireless earbuds, and indeed that is what the Powerbeats2 claim, but they make up for it with charge time, claiming that a 15 minute charge will get you an hour of listening time.

The headphones feature the company’s classic red and black look, and while many criticize Beats headphones for laying on the bass a little too thick, a preview over at Engadget seems to indicate otherwise. The headphones go on sale later this month for $199, and we’re sure we’ll be taking a look at them, so you can see what we think of the Powerbeats2 ourselves when we release our review.