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Bang & Olufsen teams up with DJ Khaled on new headphones

It seems that nearly all headphones need to be endorsed these days, and the latest evidence lies in Bang & Olufsen pairing up with DJ Khaled.
July 1, 2014
bang & olufsen

If you’ve been looking for a stylish, DJ-backed pair of headphones, but care more about sound quality than you do brand recognition, you might want to start breaking out your wallet. Bang & Olufsen are teaming up with DJ Khaled to enter the celebrity-endorsed headphones racket.

In an increasingly common but still strange turn, the headphones were announced via DJ Khaled’s Instagram account. While details on the specifics of the headphones are scant, there are pictures aplenty and the usual hype to be expected with announcements of this type. Khaled says “I take pride in crafting a sound based on time, care and, most importantly, the best quality sound on the planet.”

No details on release date or pricing are available yet, though considering the price of “normal” Bang & Olufsen headphones, we don’t expect they’ll be cheap. We’ll have more details on these headphones as they become available.

What do you think? Are these going to be the best endorsed headphones yet, or is this a mistep for Bang & Olufsen?