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aiFi Stackable Bluetooth Speakers

A new Indiegogo campaign hopes to make Bluetooth speakers that get better the more you stack a reality.
January 22, 2015

Ever wondered why some Bluetooth speakers do not work together if they are the same exact product? Very few even connect with only one other speaker to give stereo sound. An Indiegogo campaign by Swedish based company Sound Wizard hopes to fix that problem.

The aiFi (Artificial Intelligence Technology) Stackable Speakers connect with each other wirelessly and, like their name suggests, can be stacked together to create a bigger speaker. Using near-field-induction, the signal is transferred between devices without any loss of quality. This enables a speaker to function as a solo unit or as a group. They work similarly to Legos, if Legos could produce high quality sound. The more speakers that are stacked together, the better it sounds. Each speaker will tune itself to a different output to get the best audio possible. The overall shape of the sound is based on the number of speakers that are working together. There is also an input for an optical cable that enables a couple of these to work as a sound bar for a TV. If you prefer your Bluetooth speakers more on the portable side, they function just as well as a solo unit that can be picked up and carried with you where ever you go.

As of right now, they are still in the campaigning stage and have raised almost $56,000 USD out of an $80,000 goal. If backing companies is not really your thing, they also have the option to get a free speaker simply by spreading the word. If 5 friends buy an aiFi from a link you share, they send you a free aiFi speaker. Who can say no to free? The campaign ends on February 6th and, assuming they hit the target goal, should begin shipping orders in April of 2015.