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3 new sets of premium Samsung headphones are on the way

A sales guide image has revealed new Samsung headphones are on the way. They're expensive, but will they be worth it?
March 20, 2014

You might think about a lot of different kinds of electronics when you think of Samsung: phones, televisions, laptops. One that probably doesn’t immediately leap to mind is headphones. It appears that the company plans to do something about that.

Earlier today SamMobile wrote that a sales guide image they had obtained showed off three different pairs of headphones from Samsung, ranging in price from $149.99 to $349.99. No information is available on when these might become available, SamMobile is guessing that they’ll launch alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, and this seems as reasonable an assumption as any.


With one in-ear pair and two over-the-ear pairs, the different models feature different “characteristics” to appeal to different customers. The cheapest model, the in-ear EO-IG900, is “Technology Centric.” The EO-OG900, which costs $199.99 carries the “Trendy/Coolness” characteristic. Finally, the most expensive pair, the EO-AG900 has the curious characteristic “Balanced Optimization.”

The two cheaper models are wired, while the EO-AG900 can apparently be used either via a wired connection or Bluetooth/NFC. This model also features noise canceling and built-in equalization. All models support voice commands with Samsung’s S-Voice and come with an included carrying case.

Given the relatively high prices here, it’s easy to assume that Samsung is aiming for some high-quality sound here, but until we get our hands on some to test them, we can’t say for certain. Once we know when these headphones are going to be released, we’ll be sure to mention it here.

Are you interested in any of these Samsung headphones? If so, which pair? Let us know!